Headworn Microphones

We have been users and strong proponents of wearing a speaking mic on the head for over 15 years. Our long-time favorite is the Countryman E6 earset. The Countryman E6 is known for being discreet, comfortable to wear, and for sounding good. RSI Audio has sold hundreds of these mics over the years to churches and ministries, and the comments have been very positive. A benefit of this mic is that it always stays in the same position in relation to the speaker’s mouth. That evens out the recording level. Another great benefit is that it is away from the chest cavity, which adds a lot of unfavorable frequencies into chest worn microphones. It comes in four colors and can be custom-fitted with the correct cable to match your current wireless system.

RSI Audio has sold hundreds of these mics over the years to churches and ministries.

If you do not already have a wireless system—which you will need to power and operate the E6—RSI can also provide that. We recommend Sennheiser’s ew172G3 Wireless System. It’s a quality product with many great features that works well with the E6. The latest microphone to join the Countryman family is the H6 headset mic. It takes the E6 concept and improves on it by making the lightest full headset. It has all the great features of the E6 earset mic but adds extra firmness and stability by a light metal framework around both ears. This helps the mic never move while in place, as well as keeping it in the same position with the mouth for a clean, constant sound. Check out these links for more information: