Frequently Asked Questions

RSI Audio is operated by the Media Department of Kenneth Hagin Ministries. In running an international Bible College and Ministry, we have to purchase all kinds and levels of Audio, Video, and Lighting equipment. We have decades of experience and have spent years developing the best equipment dealer and distribution network. Let us use our experience and expertise to take your church media to the next level.
In 1997, we attended a professional audio conference and show. While attending one of the sessions on installation, the main speaker described how to take advantage of Churches since they had money to spend and were very ignorant on how to spend it. We determined that we would offer and honest alternative to keep as many Churches as possible from being taken advantage of.

We have dealership arrangements and an excellent distribution network for almost all manufacturers of Professional Audio equipment. We also carry many Lighting and Video Projection products. We often can purchase equipment at below Dealer cost and pass that savings on to our churches.
We require payment before we can order your equipment. We accept all credit cards and you are free to send us a check. We will not be able to process your order until we receive the payment.
RSI Audio does not provide installation, however installation can be arranged from a pool of our professional third-party installers based on their schedule. We usually send a small team to oversee the critical stages of installation especially the final week of the project. We can provide a full range of plans so that the church staff and volunteers can handle as much of the installation as they desire to reduce the overall costs. Travel arrangements would be required as well as a labor rate based on how many installers are required. Billing for installation is handled separately from equipment purchases.
No. We offer any and all assistance free of charge. If you just have a question we will gladly share the best way to accomplish your goals. If we spend hours designing systems for your facility we do have a design fee, but everything else is complimentary.
We are not able to offer a catalog due to our agreements with our dealers. Most of them have minimum prices that we can advertise and our prices are always well below those prices. Our equipment costs are usually 20-30 percent lower than the lowest online prices.
The day that you place your order, we place that order with our vendors. It usually ships to you the next day. Normal shipping times are 5-10 business days unless there is a shortage in inventory. We will let you know as soon as possible if there will be a longer delay. Our vendors will work with us to get you the gear as soon as possible but you will pay for the level of shipping that you desire. Overnight orders are possible if equipment is available and the order is placed early enough in the day.
We can arrange one of our installers to come to your facility and do a site survey based on their availability. They would expect travel arrangements and a daily rate of compensation for their efforts.